Protect Your Pool and Spa In drought conditions

Here are some tips that will help keep you from swimming pools and spa, deck and equipment from damage is usually caused by drought conditions. When in drought conditions, please be careful of the following preventive measures:

Water Level

Evaporation of water will be fast under hot, dry conditions. Try and keep the level of water in the bottom of the drainage grate. Low water levels can damage the equipment.

Pool Deck

Although deck reinforced with steel rebar, sand and drought conditions severely difficult in ground swimming pool decks due to the contraction of soil. This can lead to cracking or shifting movements, similar to what happened with the foundation of the House.

Keep your soil conditions consistent around Your pool. Avoid very dry or wet soil around the pool and decking.
The water around the yard and pool deck (in a level 2 water restrictions mandate) to keep the land and pool from separating. Hand watering or using drip hoses will help maintain consistent humidity levels.
Do not allow drainage into a pond near the pool (too much water).

Expansion Joints & Deck-O-Seal

Periodically check the expansion joints to see if there is damage to the Deck-O-Seal. If there is any damage or separation between the deck and pool, it should be handled.

It's almost impossible to completely avoid some movement, even under normal conditions. As we all know, Dallas, Texas, summer can be anything BUT normal. So, it is important to maintain consistent levels of ground water around Your swimming pool for exceptional circumstances and in a district mandate set.

Seasonal Checklist – Secret To Success

Here is a recap of what to do to keep Your pool running in optimum condition. Following these recommendations will save you time and a service fee if done correctly and in a timely manner. Keep in mind you can easily avoid potential damages and repair costs is largely due to 1) the height of the water is not correct and 2) filter is dirty and basket.

Twice a week:

Check and clean the skimmer basket.
Check and clean the pump basket.
Add water.
Check and adjust chemical levels
Add a sequestering agent for prevention of stain.
Steps brush and a Chair.
Check the air filter.
Check the pressure filter.
Clear bag cleaner
Check the pad to place wet equipment.

Every 4 to 6 Weeks:

Backwash filter does it seems to need it or not.
Clean the calcium deposits and debris from tile and valves.

Every 3 months:

Clean and lumasi pump o-ring.
Clean the chlorinator lumasi and o-ring.

Seasonal Summer (6 months):

Summerization (tear down and cleaning the filter element).
Lubricate the valve and o-ring.
Customize settings for hours.
Check your other equipment to proper operation.

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