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One of the hardiest fuchsias, this vigorous shrub has glossy foliage, and a continuous supply of flowers that resemble Chinese lanterns from summer into autumn.


When the clusters of long-lasting, fragrant, double, creamy white flowers are borne in summer, they cover this broad, low shrub of compact, bushy habit.


In summer and early autumn, this low- domed bush is plastered with small white flowers, resembling miniature roses. Its deeply divided leaves are grey-green.


One of the most popular and reliable small rhododendrons, it forms a tight evergreen dome. Its trusses of pink flowers, in late' spring and early summer, turn to white.


This low, dome-shaped evergreen hebe produces narrow blue-grey leaves, and an abundance of white flowers, carried on small, slender spikes in summer.


Long, upright spires of pendulous, tubular, creamy yellow flowers are held by this striking evergreen or semi-evergreen from summer into autumn.

Of suckering habit.


This handsome, shrubby little willow is well worth growing for the dumpy silvery catkins that emerge in spring, before its leaves unfurl. Dislikes dry soils.

Shrubs for Ground Cover

MHE NUMBER OF SHRUBS that make good ground cover is it enormous. Some have far-reaching, trailing, or creeping stems that lie close to the soil surface, while others produce short ascending or arching branches that give a low, mounded effect.

Yet more are of a suckering nature. To achieve good results as quickly as possible, ground cover shrubs should be planted in groups of three or five, or even more, depending on the area to be covered. Remove weeds before planting.


In late spring and early summer, the starry, white-bracted flower heads of this carpeting perennial are borne above ruffs of oval leaves. Red berries follow.


This is one of the best evergreen ground- covering shrubs. Its densely leafy, trailing stems are studded with white flowers in summer and red berries in winter.


Tough, adaptable, and easy to grow, this shrub forms a dense, low cover of rounded leaves, margined white and marbled grey. Leaves are often pink-tinted in winter.


Crowded with narrow, dark green leaves, this dense, low, bushy evergreen is covered with small, rose-like, yellow-eyed, white flowers in late spring and early summer.


This adaptable, bright-foliaged evergreen forms dense hummocks of green shoots and gold-margined leaves, usually pink- tinted in winter. Climbs if supported.



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