Garden Styles


Sculpture Garden Style

Just as the name suggests, this garden uses the outdoor garden setting as a platform to love sculpture. A sculpture garden can take on either formal or informal style by including traditional or abstract sculptures. Occassionally hiding a sculpture in a garden setting can add interest and mystery to a garden setting

Woodland Garden Style

Sometimes with an existing canopy, this style has a soft fragile pallet of under story, shade and partial sun loving plants, dispersed randomly in groupings that mimic nature's distribution in colonies with subtle meandering paths that blanket the forest floor. Typical materials used in the woodland garden are natural like wood and natural stone.

The design of a woodland garden should be nearly undetectable as it is design is to mimic nature's way of placing plant materials and the use of hardscaping elements such as the foot bridge shown above. The use of a natural appearing contemporary outdoor water feature or stream, complete with rocks and boulders, can enhance the feeling of nature and add to the authentic feel of the woodland garden space.

English Garden Style

English landscape gardening in it is early form was mainly utility in function. Vast deer parks surrounded large estate homes and tiny knot gardens filled with lilies and tulips may be near the house itself. Orchards and kitchen gardens would be planted further away from the home and paths with walls or hedges flanking them.

Later, as the middle class implemented their English garden influence, the style became a more relaxed form of garden craftmanship the removal of some of the boundaries and hedges and working the garden into the natural landscape became the foundation of the English Garden we know today. Other influences in the English Style are the of the Palladian architectural style, the Italian use of Sculptures in the garden setting along with the formal French garden style the uses long lawn vistas. Long lawn views bordered by natural plantings of trees and lush border plantings along natural appearing, but planted trees and shrubs.

Wildflower Garden Style

The random pattern of a meadow of wildflowers can be one of the most breathtaking sites created by mother nature. it is also very attractive to birds and butterfly alike. Planting flowers that attract butterflies and birds is a challenging and rewarding garden type to be enjoyed by the young and young at heart.

Japanese Garden Style

A japanese garden includes what would appear to be elements of an informal garden, but in reality is a rather purposeful spatial arrangement, with its clipped shrubs and trees, meticulously placed rocks and garden elements. Incorporating constantly changing views as one walks from space to space, coupled with thoughtfully placed outdoor water fountains, plants and rocks to convey visual serenity. Oriental gardens are full of deep meanings and symbolism. There are many different variants of Japanese or Oriental gardens, but most use similar elements. Instead of colorful flowers and shrubs, like you may see in a Western garden, most Asian gardeners concentrate on the use of rocks, stones, trees, plants, bridges, water and waterfalls. You'll sometimes see rocks that surround a pond or stream that are then encased with plants or shrubs. In Japanese ponds or streams, you'll often find koi a common fish. The gardens purpose is to capture nature and become a quiet place for refection or meditation.

Cottage Garden Style

The cottage garden can be one of the most charming of all the styles because of the unassuming nature and humble origin. It is marked by informal plantings and style. Low picket fences or walls and little walks to the porch setting are some of the elements that the cottage garden employs. A Cottage Garden is just as it sounds, a smaller cozy garden. Because of the limited space, gardeners play up patches of plants, instead of grass or trees. Since these areas are the focus of the yard, gardeners use colorful plants and ground cover. This is the area to be creative; pick a wide selection of plants you like, that compliment each other in the space. Gardeners often surround these colorful spaces with borders of brick or stone walkways. These borders can be in any geometric design if you have the space try some patterns to accentuate the area.

Romantic Garden Style

Who doesn't love to have fresh flowers on display in your home? It is one of the advantages of a cutting garden, when you fill it with flowers you really like. Roses are a favorite, but you might consider planting other variants of flowers, so you'll have a longer blossoming season. Roses also need special care and space, so be definitely sure you know roses before you choose them. While the garden will be definitely stunning during the peak season, it won't last too long, so pick an area of the yard that isn't the focal point year-round. The results will be well worth it when you have beautiful flowers to display and share with colleagues. Nurture love in a romantic garden and a refreshing sound of outdoor garden fountains. Scented plants, love seats for two or create privacy in a secluded part of the garden. Build a romantic paradise for entertaining your lover. Put plants that have engrossing meanings to you and your love.

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