Garden Pools

One of the most beautiful surroundings for a pool is the garden with tall trees, shrubs and beautiful flowers. Many garden owners choose to have an above ground pool installed in order to save money. A garden pool takes careful thought, and consideration and there will be a number of factors to look at.

If your garden is already exists, you will want to determine the best suited pool to enhance the beauty of your garden. Consider where you'd like the pool situated. Determine how much room you have to work with. Also, consider the shape of your pool and poolside garden. Other influential factors to consider will be the materials you use for your garden pool and the furniture which will go around the pool. It will also be necessary to purchase insurance. Also, by law you are required to have a safety fence and safety gates around the pool.

If you will be planning the garden round your pool, then you will want to determine what look you are hoping to achieve.

There are many different looks that you can choose from such as a cottage garden, tropical, modern and formal. It will be necessary to consider where the pool will be situated in relation to your home and other features that you plan on having in your garden. Typically, a garden pool is placed in open, sunny area. Trees and shrubs are planted around the pool for shade when you are not in the pool itself. Umbrellas will also produce shade which can be placed in tables or in the ground. A Gazebo might also be an addition to the garden that would be quite attractive.

Budget will also be a key determinant when choosing a garden pool.

Obviously, working within your budget will be necessary. Will you be landscaping the garden yourself or having the garden professionally landscaped? This too will need to be considered.

There are many different types of plants that may be planted around the garden pool. For instance, you might choose to plant palm trees, which will give a tropical look to the garden. The palm is a bit more expensive that other types of trees, but they are the ideal type of tree for planting near a pool. There are different types of palm trees such as the Mediterranean and the Queen.

Prairie Zinnias is another beautiful flower which can be planted in the garden which is bright yellow and orange. Considered ideal forpoolside gardens, as they survive in climates that are drenched with sunlight and heat.

Acacia is a poolside plant that is ideal that flowers in the spring with a small, yellowish or white puffy balls. The branches hang down, giving the tree the appearance that it is weeping, which give a remarkably soothing and calming effect to the poolside garden.

With a poolside garden, you will have many options in design and landscape. The key element is planning. Without proper planning, you will not have the magnificent appearance that you are hoping for.

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