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Tulip "Orange Bouquet" Multi flowered tulip

This single, late  flowering variety has deep orange bIooms The flower on the main stem is usually larger than those on the side stems.

Tulip Clusiana Var. Ohrysantha Wild tulip

The noble wild tulip T. clusiana looks as if ithas been painted. The elegant, pointed flowers are sulfur yellow with shiny red outer petals. This flower will tolerate full sun.


Tulip linifolia "Batalinii" Wild tulip

This magical, low-growing beauty has lovely lemon-yellow flowers. It is known as a profuse bloomer, able to form whole colonies in a few years.

Tulip Humilis Wild tulip

In the sunshine, T. humilis will open its pink to purple flowers and display its yellow insides. When closed, it looks a little like a crocus.

Tulip Tulip  

Tulips look best in groups, and you can plant 50 to 60 flowers together.

In flowerbeds, borders, and rockeries (low-growing wild species are particularly suitable here), they make eye-catching islands of color. The range of colors is practically legendary, from white to purple-black, from delicate edges to flamelike streaks. But tulips also make a good show in containers, pots, window-boxes, and of course in vases.

Tulips tolerate rather dry soil, but need moisture in the ground when flowering. Dead flowers and seedheads should be cut back as soon as possible to half the height of the stem, to prevent formation of seeds robbing the bulb of its strength, but leaves can be left until they turn yellow. This allows the bulb to ripen fully.

A change of site helps after profuse flowering, otherwise the bulb can remain in place for years. Once leaves have died, remove bulbs and bulblets to dry out; store them in a cool, dry place until planting season in the fall.

All parts of the plant are slightly poisonous. Prolonged contact can lead to so-called "tulip bulb dermatitis," with skin irritation.

Tulip Saxatilis  Candia tulip

Lilac-pink flowers with a yellow heart. This is a most rewarding and dainty flower.

Tulip Sylvestris  Wild tulip

T. sylvestris, sturdy and spreading freely, enriches any rockery. The yellow, bell-shaped flowers also have an enchanting scent. The plant will tolerate semi-shade.

Tulip tarda Wild tulip

This multi flowered miniature tulip, with star-shaped, scented flowers, bears up to eight scented blooms on one stem. In the sunshine, it will open its creamy-white flowers and display its eggyolk-yellow center. Excellent for naturalizing, this plant makes good ground cover.

Tulip turkestanica wild tulip

The cream, almost parchment-colored, star shaped flowers With their yellow central eye dangle in great number on their slender stem.T. turkestanica is one of the earliest-flowering of the wild tulips.


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