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FLORIBUNDA / Synonym: 'Leonard de Vinci'

This rose has exerted a special fascination ever since it first appeared in public. First, its strong yet soft pink shade, together with its densely double, rosette-like blooms, lend it a special charm; and second, it is very frost hardy, so that it can be grown even in harsher zones. A word of warning, though: it is very susceptible to black spot. However, despite that, its popularity has not diminished, and it makes a lovely half-standard or standard rose in small gardens, a great container plant placed either side of the front door, or a very pretty display above strawberry or salad beds. Plant the roses 40 cm (16 in) apart in borders, or use six to seven plants per square metre (square yard) when planting in masses.

• The carmine-red Kordes rose, 'Neon' (synonym; 'Sweet Vigorosa'), is very healthy and displays dazzling full blooms.

This 60 cm (24 in) high ADR rose is robust and has spreading growth, making it suitable for hedging and ground cover.

FLOWERING: Repeat bloomer; very double; 0 5-6 cm (2-21/2 in); dark, 'old-fashioned' pink; no scent

GROWTH: 40-100 cm (16-39 in) high; upright; bushy

FEATURES: Very abundant bloomer; heat and partial shade tolerant; suitable for containers; very hardy

PLANTING: For beds, borders and hedges; gorgeous standard and half standard

INTRODUCED: MeiHand, 1983, France




The densely double, uniformly round blooms of Totticelli', with its ruffle-edged petals, are reminiscent of gossamer-fine powder puffs.

Until they have fully opened to a saucer shape, a dark salmon-pink shade dominates in the still inwardly curved centre petals, which seems to fade from the outer petals to the centre to a very delicate ivory-pink hue. Fully open blooms reveal masses of stamens and display a hint of light yellow at the base of the petals. `Botticelli' is a delightful garden gem that flowers abundantly in large, dense clusters. Plant this broad, spreading beauty 40-45 cm (16-18 in) apart in borders; for mass plantings use four to five per square metre (square yard).

'Pomponella' is charming, with pretty little cherry-red pompom blooms that resemble Old roses. This broad- growing Kordes breed grows to 80 cm (32 in) high and has proved to have very healthy foliage.


FLOWERING: Repeat bloomer; densely double; 0 6-7 cm (21/2-3 in); salmon-pink; scented

GROWTH: 60-70 cm (24-28 in) high; upright; broad bushy

FEATURES: Healthy; heat tolerant; suitable for containers; hardy

PLANTING: For flowerbeds, borders, hedges and ground cover; lovely standard or half standard

INTRODUCED: Meilland, 2004, France

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